Our foundry can provide special alloy castings with the fastest turn around for your breakdown needs. Our casting capability is one pound to 1800 pounds up to 60" diameter.
We pour a variety of alloys to meet your special needs including, but not limited to: C836, C855, C865, C905, C907, C916, C932, C937, C945, C954, and C955.
Our full service machine shop can provide machined parts per the customer's specification or blueprint. 
Our custom replacement parts include:
Straight bushings, Flange Bushings
Wear Plates, Pintle Bushings
Graphite Impregnated parts, Spreader Bars
We have a large inventory of bar stock in C932 and C954 on the rack for immediate delivery. Sizes range from 1/2" ID x 1" OD to 15" ID x 17" OD, 1/2" Solid Round to 12" Solid Round in C932 and in C954 from 1" ID x 1-1/2" OD to 8" ID x 10" OD and 1/2" Solid Round to 8" Solid Round. We also carry 360 Yellow Brass Round.
We have a wide variety of sizes in rectangle and plate in SAE 660, 360 Yellow, 464 Naval Bronze, and 954 Aluminum Bronze.
Also see our specialty items page for a sample of our special items.